[Paid][Urgent] Illustrator for a Cyberpunk Unicorn & Rainbow Mural ($1000)

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Hello! I'm Peng Zhong, design lead for Cosmos (https://cosmos.network). We need a cyberpunk unicorn and rainbow illustration as soon as possible, preferably finished by Friday the 13th. The painting will be used as the backdrop/mural for our trade show booth. The full printed size is 3 meters wide x 2.44 meters tall.

**Reference Images**
Cyberpunk references:

Unicorn references:

Logo treatment: 

**Painting Requirements:**

* Cosmos logo: Near the center of the painting. You may alter the colors and textures of our logo. Other elements may slightly overlap this logo. However, we want to be recognizable and distinct from a distance.
* 1 or more Unicorns. Can be the full horse, a bust, etc.
* 1 or more Rainbows. Can be a real rainbow, a reflection, The colors ROYGBIV painted on a metal container. Your choice.
* Cyberpunk theme
* Wildly colorful, eye-popping contrast
* High resolution, able to fit a 3m x 2.44m wall.

**Budget: $1,000 USD**

Please show me your portfolio and I'll let you know your style fits our vision. We will select an illustrator by 11:59 PM Friday (PDT). 

Artist selection countdown: www.timeanddate.com/countdown/…

Thanks for considering working with us!
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