3D modeler/Concept Artist for fantasy/medieval RPG in development

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About Us

We are are a team of three developers working on a brand new RPG from the ground up beginning with, the lore, to a BETA version, and finally, onto a full release. The foundations of the RPG have been laid and now we are looking for a 3D modeler and a Concept Artist to join our team to help us with the workload and graphic design process.

Team Members

Vince (Game Developer)



Programmer in Languages

Write Shaders in 2 Languages

Texture Design

Music Composer

Check out his website and resume :


Kanan (Game Director) 

Concept Artist



2d Graphic Design

Website Graphic Design

Video Editor

Carter (Game Director)



Social Media Management

Website Manager

What Do We Need?

We’re looking for a experienced 3D modeler to help us develop the in-game models for our RPG. You will be helping our game developer, Vince, in creating good quality 3D models for every aspect of the game varying from its environment, animals/creatures, and characters etc.

What Exactly Are We Making?

In its simplest form, the game we are developing will be an RPG. The entire lore and story will take on a medieval/fantasy environment with more emphasis being put on the fantasy aspect.

Our Current & Future Goals

The current goal that we are directing our efforts towards at this time is to develop a BETA version (prototype/sampler) to encapsulate all the key features and aspects of our game and to clearly present to our audience the vision we have for the full release of the game, which we will need further funding to complete. The BETA version of the game will be used for the purpose of crowdfunding through Kickstarter in order to enable us to continue on with further development.

The future of this project would entail the incorporation of the works and skills of additional developers to establish a team capable of transforming this project into a full-featured MMORPG with a goal to ensure uniqueness through utilization of innovative measures and ideas catering, first and foremost, to what our player base wants to see happen.

Future Questions & FAQs

Q: How are you going to generate enough funds to grow and sustain your project, then eventually transform it into an MMORPG?

A: The initial step we need to take is to raise funds that will enable the development of a fully functioning RPG according to our vision and what we know players will love. We will do our part in developing a preliminary project along with a presentation that will allow us to informatively and clearly convey exactly what the game will feature and its future destination. We will utilize the power of crowdfunding in our favor to help reach our goal faster!

Q: Will this be another generic RPG/MMORPG in hopes of making quick money or a World of Warcraft copy?

A: Absolutely not. We the developers enjoy playing games and the feelings that come with it first and foremost before anything else. We, ourselves would not want to play a game that has been made before or that is of poor quality. The most important thing to us is to develop a game that resonates appreciatively with the player’s desires and exceeds expectations and to keep the game moving in a direction with exactly that in mind. Far too often games lose their quality and key factors for enjoyment for all the wrong reasons. We would like to have the opportunity to create a game that will keep the players pleased rather than our pockets.

If you are interested in joining our team and partaking on this journey with us, do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions. We would love to hear from you. Matters such as compensation will also be discussed.

e-mail : [email protected]
Skype : zig245


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