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quad damage
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lotet quad damage


So I wanted to add this guy that I made back in 2014 to my portfolio.
knowing I was gonna do some minor tweaks to the textures, since back then this was my first rodeo with PBR. but when I opened up the project I got so ashamed of my own shitty work I had to redo the textures from scratch.

with that said, Im not the best with realistic textures so any feedback or crits on how I could improve the texture work would be awesome!
I dont want to redo any modeling, since if I start doing that, I might as well go all in and re-model him from scratch, and atm I dont really have the time :(

Im probably gone ditch the shitty tattoos and glowy axes since, to be honest, I added that to cover up my bad texture work xD
anyways enough talking, here there be pixels. Textured with substance Painter and rendered in Marmo.
Extra screenshots over at my Artstation.


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