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[Unity 5] Old Fund

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Hello. I want to introduce you the "Old Fund" location, which is based on the principles of material layering in Unity.

 On this work we wanted to check how convenient it is to work with a material layering shader from the Allegorithmic, and the result was impressive.
Due to these technologies, the work has turned out to be very flexible, convenient and effective, so we were able to achieve acceptable results within a relatively short period of time.

All materials in the scene were made procedurally in the Substance designer, assigned to the models by the masks in the Substance painter and automatically picked up in Unity.
This allows you to easily customize individual items in .sbsar materials right in the game engine.This workflow also allows you to make adjustments to .sbsar files and conveniently change these materials for their own needs without changing the model's textures.

Also, this technology has the ability to generate normal maps from material's blend masks automatically in the Unity engine, and this means that we can re-use one normal map and several masks for each object.

This is just a first part of the all work, and now we are working on the rest of the location and objects.
I will definitely drop all updates to the project here. Hope you like it )

To view the 360 panorama and more pictures, you can click on the link to ArtStation
And if you want to download this project in the future, you can check information on the Unity forum



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