*Finished* UE4 - Hand painted - Fantasy abandoned building diorama!

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Finished! Made a tutorial-thing video; https://youtu.be/8RDAGQV0X5w

Hello! I'm back after a long break from 3D personal work for another installment of what seems to be becoming my annual 3D project venture!

After a lot of frustration with 3D, perhaps partially because I do it as my day job now, I've finally found a project that I feel excited about and want to stick with. Only took 10 months. So.

To begin with I've made myself an early concept to work from, the idea being that it's an abandoned building which someone has transformed into a cosy space... perhaps to create art in... I'm yet to decide, hence the details of what is in the building are currently lacking. I wanted it to be colouful and cute mostly, haha, but I also want the lighting to be very atmospheric- reflecting off lots of surfaces and brightening things up. The plants will probably be very time consuming because I want them to be lush, colourful, and verdant- covering the ground of the diorama (within reason).

I'd really appreciate any critique and opinions on the concept so far. I'm really looking forward to bringing it alive in UE4!

In the mean time, the next stage is for me to create some close-up design sheets for things like the plants, flowers, birds, etc. I think I'll start thinking about what I put inside the building further down the line. :)

I look forward to hearing your critiques!


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