[UE4] Environment: ¨Yir'Daman¨

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You can check the progress and fly-through video down bellow! 

Hello dear polygonians

"Yir'Daman" is an environment piece I will be creating in the upcoming months, based in an awesome piece of art by the awesome and super talented Yury Ostapchuk.

The chosen artwork is this one:

Ostapchuk 2017

With Yury´s approval I´m ready to begin working on this right away! But first, a little about the lore of this piece. I wrote a small fragment of the story I imagined to guide me while working on it. This is the second piece from a bunch that I will be creating, all telling stories from the same fantasy universe.

You can check the first one here:  
Ten years have passed since the Holy Temple of Khala, the last bastion 
of the Haasen, fell under the dragons rage. And for years to come the remaining
of these brave knights would fight for piece and freedom, protecting the 8 Kingdoms of Men.
But when Yakox Haas, High General of the Haasen,
died fighting the darkness, the remaining knights of the order found 
themselves lost, leaderless. They ran from the fight, breaking theirs vows, deserting
their kings. And so the dragons reclaimed by force their place in the mountains and 
the Unholy Underworld races, lead by Nuk the Darkspeaker, came from the east. And without 
the Haasen Knights to protect them cities were burnt, kings were killed in their sleep, sacred places 
reduced to ash. The war was lost. And the reign of terror of the Darkspeaker had begun.

For many winters the sun stayed hidden under a thick layer of clouds, for the Dark King
casted a mighty spell that would allow the Underworld creatures to freely roam his lands.
Animals, trees and flowers died. All life ceased to exist in His domain, for without the 
all-mighty light of Pelor everything turns to misery.

But far to the East, away from the Darkspeaker´s sight, a new hope for men is
rising. For Grimm Turgar, and old dwarven hero of the north lands, has summoned the
Haasen desserters under a banner of hope. Now they hide in the old ruins of Yir´Daman, 
preparing themselves to reclaim the lands of men once and for all. Ready to regain
their long lost honor.

And for the first time in 12 years, upon the old ruins of Yir´Daman, the Haasen banner
proudly hangs from the castle walls and the sun shines once again. 

With no further ado, I´ll get right to it!



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