Answered: Color Id map getting snipped at the edges

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cdeeks null
Can anyone tell me why DDO keeps doing this to my colour ID map?  it clips all the edges of my uv's and deletes some altogether. 


  • Synaesthesia
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    Synaesthesia greentooth
    This is probably because your color IDs are compressed and thus have noise in them that DDO is filtering out. Try loading an uncompressed PNG and see if that helps. :)
  • HiernauxNicolas
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    HiernauxNicolas polycounter lvl 4

    I experienced exactly the same issue, but in my case re-import only without compression didn't worked.

    So I used a different way to fix the problem to supress the edges gradient into my ID map:
    - open my ID map into photoshop
    - enlarge my texture *2 with best filter for enlargement
    - switch my color environment to 'Indexed colors'
    - decrease the number to 64 colors and check the preview checkbox.
    - Unactivate dithering and other similar transitions to reduce the noise
    - Play with the differents options until the colors are displayed without noise / artefacts as solid colors
    - export the new map as PNG without compression like mentionned before

    Hope that will be usefull :)
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