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Pattern Selection for Maya

Download at Gumroad ($0+): Pattern Selection for Maya

Pattern Selection is a Maya-script that selects the next component in the currently selected pattern. Works for edges (loops & rings), vertices and faces. Best explained by the following GIF (sorry mobile folks, it's a bit large, all my compression attempts destroyed its informativeness too much):

Handy! Bringing a luxury feature from MODO to Maya!

Unfortunately the script does not support Maya LT (written in Python, leave a comment if you'd like to see it supported!). In theory works on any Maya version above 2012, but has only been tested on Maya 2016.5 and 2017 on Windows. I should test this more thoroughly, but I'm afraid that if I don't publish this now it'll just lay forever in my Dropbox.

Looking forward to your feedback! Did you get it installed? Did it work as expected? Do you find it useful? What additional things would you like the script do? Post feedback here in the Polycount thread or send me a PM.

Download at Gumroad ($0+): Pattern Selection for Maya

INSTALLATION (I hope to make a video tutorial asap)
TLDR instructions:
1) Copy patternSelection.py somewhere in MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH
(e.g. C:/Users/cooluser1234/Documents/maya/2017/prefs/scripts)
2) Make a hotkey for the Python command ”import patternSelection; patternSelection.patternSelection()”
3) Restart Maya
*NOTE* If you make a shelf button for the script and it seems laggy, please try assigning it to a hotkey instead. I have no idea why it happens, but user & me found out that there's an extra slowdown. You're supposed to be able to mash the hotkey repeatedly with pretty much no lag, like in the GIF.
Long instructions:

Copy patternSelection.py to your scripts folder
(e.g. C:/Users/cooluser1234/Documents/maya/2017/prefs/scripts)

Open Hotkey Editor (Windows > Settings/Preferences > Hotkey Editor)
Go to Custom Scripts via the ”Edit Hotkeys for:” (Choose a category…) dropdown
In right-side panel open ”Runtime Command Editor” tab and make two new commands

Making new commands in Runtime Command Editor:
New --> Name it (e.g. ”PatternSelectNext”) --> script type (Python or MEL)
--> Save Runtime Command --> Assign hotkey on the left-side Custom Scripts panel

Commands and recommended keybindings below, but feel free to choose your own
(inspired by MODO, adapted to not conflict with pick-walking)

Bind ”import patternSelection; patternSelection.patternSelection()” to Ctrl+UpArrow (as Python)
Bind "Undo" to Ctrl+DownArrow (as MEL)

Save And Close when done in Hotkey Editor, then
File > Save Preferences and restart Maya


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