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Hi, Polycount! This is the development blog for our game, Titania. Along with my group mate, Frostygon, we are creating a third person Arena Fighter. We are building this for our senior project at Ferris State University as part of our graduation requirement. I'm Woggle and i handle the Ue4 blueprint code, rigging, and animation. Frosty handles the majority of the art and level design.  Originally we are both practicing character artists but we both decided to push ourselves and make a game this last semester. 
Titania is game about a world where the smallest creatures make the largest impact. Small woodland creatures take center stage in our game and play the main roles. Mice the smallest creatures have inherited the largest intelligence and spirituality. Where as man, bears, moose are lumbering idiotic giants. What the small mice humanoids need to worry about are the semi intelligent predators: Bats, cats, opossums, and birds of prey. These monsters hunt our heroes and thus we have a game on our hands( or paws :3 )
Here Ill be posting Art related content. If you would like to see the dev blog and help me out with current issues you can find it here  http://polycount.com/discussion/178565/ue4-game-titania-development-trouble-shooting-blog/p1?new=1  I'm new to Ue4 so I will always appreciate the help. I will also post builds of the game there, when they are ready at least  

First up is our main character, Meko! I'll be dropping some game lore/info in these snippets so feel free to ask questions. Meko is a Mouse/Human hybrid, inspired by IP's like Red Wall and Ghost of a Tale. Woggle originally drew her up and later modeled and rigged her. 

Hp of Meko! She has a few animations ready (  ) Check them out! We have them working on the character as well in Ue4 (video in the near future).  Frosty is currently finishing up the texture.

Here is one of the concepts for our monster, Lazirius! She's referenced after a California Leaf-nosed Bat, and we wanted to push for more of a likable look for her. The game itself's target audience is the crowd that enjoys monster hunter. We felt taking a lighter approach may best route. Any way Frosty did the concept, model, and texture for her. Woggle is currently working on the rig and having a few problems, he would love to have some help with getting it imported into ue4. Please check out the dev blog linked above.
beautiful HP of Lazirius!

completed texture, render shot from marmo. The texturing style is what i would call a "good attempt" at hand painting. If you guys have critique or advice we both would appreciate it! 

That's it for now, check back later or feel free to comment/critique/question and Woggle or Frosty will get back to you. Thanks!


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