Exedre project - Machines, glitches and lot of GIFs

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Hello ! :)

I'm currently working on a little UE4 project where I'm doing various things (VFX, modeling or even animation). It's mostly a demo, I will see if it evolves into something more one day. My current codename is "Exedre".


One of my goal was to create a convincing terminal/console where the user can type commands and get a feedback. Of course, since my project is about old machines/computers, I wasn't able to resist the urge to add glitches ! This is fully real-time with some custom shaders and render target textures. First time working with accumulation buffers too.
Funny thing is that I use caustic textures to create some of the glitches. :p 

Here is a little video of my current console : 

Some still images :

Some earlier test, where I just started implementing the accumulation buffer and started getting my glitches :

Now that I have a functional console, I'm working on the in-game asset that will use it. I'm still iterating on the design and looking for shapes at the moment.


I also started looking into holograms. Not sure exactly what I want, but by trying to implement some ideas I found new effects. So I'm mostly experimenting at the moment. The lines were tricky to get right because I use vertex deformation in the shader and without the right UVs and polycount I wasn't getting the deformation I wanted. I'm also trying to find a way to fight against the Temporal AA which kills a bit the quality of the holograms.


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