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Perspective Tools v2 for Photoshop CS6-CC2018

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Hey everyone,

Here's a little panel for Photoshop I've been working on for some time: Perspective Tools version 2.
It's a complete rewrite of version 1 I mentioned on Polycount several years ago

So, that's what it can do.

I) Grids.

- perspective grids, defined by one point or by two guides
- parallel grids
- hiding/showing desired grids from panel, re-coloring grids, horizon lines

II) Warping.

- warp layers to defined plane (plane is defined by four points with Pen tool) 
- warping plane can be corrected by visible perspective layers
- warp layers are smart objects, so you can adjust them further
- warp with bezier curves quadrangle 

III) De-perspective

- unwrap defined quadrangle plane to rectangle
- transfer image data between two defined planes (like on gif above)

And some other little things.

Changes from v1:
- much, much faster
- warps and de-perspective functions
- grids are shape layers, and can be easily recreated after canvas/image size, no pixelization on size increase
- supports CC, CC2014, CC2014.2, CC2015, CC2015.5 and beyond
- doesn't support CS6 CS5 and below
- it's paid (sorry if this upsets anyone)

If you want to see more, here're several videos I made:
- features overview
- comprehensive video manual
- quick video on basic workflow

You can get PT2 on my Gumroad page:

If you have any questions I'll answer them here or you can write me to [email protected] or @ebanchiki



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