Generalist artist wanted for indie retro FPS

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I'm a professional programmer seeking a generalist artist who can create enough assets for a retro FPS demo.  I've included links to reference art at the bottom of this post.

The ultimate goal is to launch the project + demo on Kickstarter.  Your relationship to the project (project partner / freelancer) and compensation (pay per-asset / royalties / kickstarter percentage or a mix of the three) is negotiable.

I'd prefer someone who enjoys 90's first-person shooters (ex. Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D).  It would be a bonus if you have experience modding 90's shooters and/or working with GtkRadiant, Doom Builder, Valve Hammer, or any other brush or sector-based level editor.

Here is a rough list of the assets needed:

    * 5-7 animated monster meshes
    * 4-5 animated weapon meshes
    * 8-12 static power-up meshes (health packs, ammo)
    * 10-30 static props (gravestones, monster gibs, etc...)
    * 10-20 sprites for the HUD
    * 5-10 sprites for particle effects
    * 5-10 decals for things like blood and bullet holes
    * At least one level
    * 25-50 seamless textures for the level(s)

These are rough estimates and might be adjusted depending upon the needs of the demo.  All meshes should be low-poly (< 1000 triangles) and all textures low-res (64x64 or 128x128 -ish).  You will have a lot of creative freedom on the project so long as you stay within the low-poly, low-res textured theme.

Reference Art:

The game's theme is Dark Fantasy / Gothic / Lovecraftian horror.

The screenshots in the following URL's are from Quake mods with beautiful low-poly retro art.  You don't have to match the same style so long as the end result is low-poly and pixely.

These screenshots don't match the theme of the game, but are nice examples of low-poly, low-res art:

If you decide to message me, then please include the following:
    * A link to your portfolio (if you have one) or a description of your experience level.
    * Your history with retro shooters, for example: which one's have you played (if any).
    * Your experience - or lack thereof - modding or making maps for retro shooters.
    * Your Skype name.  I'll send you back mine and we can setup some time to chat.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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