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Hi, to help all you 2D free lance guys working in the UK I have made this list for you. I have no idea how many of these company links are dead until we look them up. If you can add the hyperlinks some time that would be great and I will up date the first post.

Little update for you.

Attack Animation: http://attackanimation.com/#portfolio.html

Bigger Picture: http://www.biggerpicture.dk/

A Man & Ink: http://www.amanandink.com/

A Productions http://aproductions.co.uk/

Absolutely Cuckoo: http://www.absolutelycuckoo.com/

Aninest Studios: http://www.anineststudios.com/

Am Bocsa Ltd: http://www.ambocsa.co.uk/enghom.html

Catalyst Pictures: http://catalystpics.co.uk/index.php

Channimation: http://www.channimation.com/

Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd.: http://www.collingwoodandco.co.uk/

CHF Entertainment: http://chfentertainment.com/site/

Toonhound: http://www.toonhound.com/cosgrovehall.htm

David Freedman: http://www.davidfreedman.co.uk/

Dinamo Productions (Now in administration but some work still available to watch): https://vimeo.com/user4799243

E. Schuch Design/ Immortal Longings: http://www.immortallongings.com/

Espresso Animation: http://www.espressoanimation.com/

Flickerpix Animations: http://www.flickerpix.com/

Glasshead Ltd.: http://www.glasshead.co.uk/

Hamish Koci Animation: http://www.hamishkoci.com/

Handycreative: http://www.handycreative.co.uk/index.html

Happy Hour Productions: http://www.happyhourproductions.co.uk/animation-production.html

Hedley Griffin Films: http://www.hedleygriffinfilms.com/

Hibbert Ralph Animation: http://www.hibbertralph.com/

Holistic Hamster: http://www.holistic-hamster.com/homepage_parent.htm

I Can Fly: http://www.icanflygroup.com/#about

Icecandy Entertainment: http://www.icecandy.com/main/frames/frameset.html

Illusion Animated Productions: http://www.illusionanimation.com/

Kavaleer Productions Ltd.: http://kavaleer.com/

Karrot Animation: http://www.karrotanimation.com/

Keg Kartoonz: http://www.kegkartoonz.com/

My Team Animation: http://www.animatemyteam.com/

Networking people (NPUK): http://www.groupnp.com/

Nick Hilditch: http://nickhilditch.com/

Oblong Pictures: http://www.oblongpictures.co.uk/

Pesky: http://www.pesky.com/

Pew36 Animation Studios: http://pew36.co.uk/

Picasso Pictures Ltd: http://www.picassopictures.com/

Pixelburn Limited: http://www.pixelburn.co.uk/

Planet Sunday: http://www.planetsunday.com/

Polymime Animation Company Ltd: http://polymime.com/

Qurios Entertainment: http://qurios.blogspot.co.uk/

Red Kite Animation Ltd: http://www.redkite-animation.com/

Red Sheep Design & Animation: http://www.redsheep.com/

Seven Animation: http://www.animationseven.com/

Slurpy Studios: http://www.slurpystudios.com/

Solis Animation: http://www.solisanimation.com/

Still need to hyperlink these feel free to help

(The) Animoke Ark VFX

(The) Ark VFX

Barry Baker Bazley Films

3D Imaging

3-D Revolution Productions

3d virtuallydone


422 Studios

A Big Picture

A Bright Gem

A Man & Ink

A Productions

A Productions, LTD.

Aardman Animations, Ltd: - http://www.aardman.com/

Absolute Studios Absolutely Productions, Ltd.

Afroman Animations Co.

Air Productions Limited

AJ Animation Ltd

Al Animation Ltd

Alastair Swinnerton

AMK Pictures UK

Ani Solutions

Animasia UK Ltd

Animation People, Ltd.

Art and Graft http://artandgraft.com

Art Elemental Produktions (Urbanikons)

Arthur Cox Askewtoons

Blink Ink http://www.blinkink.co.uk

Blobina Animations

Blue-Toe Productions

Bocsa Ltd

Boulder Media Ltd.

Box Creative

Brown Bag Films

Bubble & Squeak

Candy Lab

Cartoon Saloon

Cartwn Cymru

Catalyst Pictures

Chameleon Moments


Character Cube: http://www.charactercube.com/

Chocolate Onion Studios'

Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment Ltd.

Colstar International Television Ltd

Cosgrove Hall Films

Creation Studio

Creative Film Productions

Creative Qqiity Motion

Creative Quirky Motion,

Crofton Graphics

Crombie Film

David Freedman Ltd

Definitely Red

Delicious 9

Different Films

Digital Animation Media

Dinamo Productions


Django Films: http://djangofilm.com/

Dope Sheet Entertainment

DrFilmgood DS

DS Software Services

E. Schuch Design/ Immortal Longings

Edinburgh AMK Pictures

Electric Theatre Collective http://electrictheatre.tv

Elemental Produktions (Urbanikons)

Enrico Lambiase

Entertainment Rights, PLC

Espresso Animation

Espresso Animation Factory

Factory Transmedia LTD

Fat City Films Ltd

Ficticious Egg

Field Trip http://www.fieldtrip.tv


Flickerpix Animations Ltd.

Flush Draw

FluxTime Limited

Garage Works

Gecko Studios, Ltd


Glasshead Ltd.

Hamish Koci Animation


Happy Hour Productions

Head Fire

Hedley Griffin Films

Hibbert Ralph Animation

Holistic Hamster

I Can Fly

Icecandy Entertainment

Illusion Animated Productions


Imagine Magazine


InToon Productions Ltd

Kavaleer Productions Ltd.

Keg Kartoonz

Magma Films

Monster Animation and Design: - http://www.monsteranimation.ie/

Motion66 Visuals moving dimensions

My Team Animation

Networking people (NPUK)

New Romney Am

Nexus http://www.nexusproductions.com

Nick Hilditch


Notion Digital


Open Book


Passion Pictures: - http://www.passion-pictures.com/

Pesky Peter Corley


Peter Corley

Pew36 Animation Studios

Picasso Pictures Ltd

PillarStone Productions

Pixelburn Limited


Planet Sunday

Plowman Craven: - http://www.plowmancraven.co.uk/

Pocket Laboratories Ltd

Polymime Animation Company Ltd

Previsualisation Limited PS

Qurios Entertainment

Red Kite Animation Ltd

Red Knuckles http://www.redknuckles.co.uk

Red Sheep Design & Animation

Republic Zink Films

Reve Labs

Reve Labs

Rhumbaba Ltd

Rkid Animations

Roadkill Animation

Saffronrage Media

Screen First Ltd.

Seven Animation Studio

Sherbet Shroom

Shubrook Bros,

Siriol Productions

Skylark Holidays


Slurpy Studios

SMA Talent LTD

Software Services

Solis Animation

Sprinting Dog Animations

Studios 11

Studio AKA: - http://www.studioaka.co.uk/

The Cartoon Saloon

Transmedia LTD


Woodbridge London Studio

Xuasus Ltd

Yeovil Alchemation Studios Ltd.


Ireland Based Studios

bouldermedia:- http://www.bouldermedia.tv/

brownbagfilms:- www.brownbagfilms.com

Caboom:- www.caboom.ie

cartoonsaloon:- www.cartoonsaloon.ie

Dancing Girl Productions

giant:- www.giant.ie

jammedia:- www.jammedia.ie

kavaleer:- www.kavaleer.com

kegkartoonz:- www.kegkartoonz.com

planetcosmo:- http://www.planetcosmo.tv/

monsterentertainment:- www.monsterentertainment.tv

mooshku:- www.mooshku.com

saltydogpictures:- www.saltydogpictures.net

telegael:- www.telegael.com

treehouserepublic:- www.treehouserepublic.com

wiggleywoo:- www.wiggleywoo.com

zinkfilms:- www.zinkfilms.com

PearSmiths: https://vimeo.com/72837125

France Based Studios

German Based Studios

Studio Soi: - http://www.studiosoi.de/

Holland Based Studios


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