Jorrvaskr "The Companions Headquarters"

Hi All,
I'm A new member among everyone on Polycount and would like to gain any advice or Shortcuts on helping me Recreate an Environment I have wanted to recreate in my own way and that is Jorrvaskr an headquarter for the companions in the elder scrolls game: Skyrim.

it's somewhat of beginner steps so far however i would like any critique i can get currently and through out the project piece.

Here is an blockout of the piece with some lighting the help me recreate the scene more for towards this image

The idea i'm currently going for is to Create a scene for this environment in which the companions have just finished celebrating and there visible signs of mugs on the floor and drapery been pulled down whilst it's not visible now it's something i would like to do.


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    I don't really have any critiques, but I'm definitely excited to see this progress! I always loved the concept.
  • CodeNirvash
    Also wanted to share some textures i roughly made to help me understand more about this scene and whilst there probably not that great i would like any advice on how i can fit these towards the skyrim ideal along with any useful tips in substance designer to achieve some unique design's in these textures

    Screenshots from substance designer:

  • CodeNirvash
    Here are some ideas of my texture flats to help better understand what i was trying to accomplish with these three.

    Normal map
    Diffuse Map
    Roughness map
    Height map

    Normal map
    Diffuse map
    Roughness map
    Metallic map

    The metallic section was something that i wanted the gold embroidery style to pop with however i didn't know how to go about something like this so just thought "hey why don't i just stitch gold in" yeah it didn't work like how i wanted and instead looked like basket weaves in a rug.

    Which is interesting in it's own way.

    Normal map
    Diffuse map
    Roughness map

    For the wood i have some idea that metal is not needed however designer had completely ruined my chance of getting the height map out.
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