[UE4 – WIP] 1960’s Subway Car




Hi everyone,

I’m a second year computer games art student at Teesside University, I’m currently working on a recreation of a 1960’s New York City Subway car. I want to share my process as well as gain feedback and critique, to further push my project and future work.

I aspire to create the same level of detail and sense of atmosphere that can be seen in Clinton Crumplers work.


I have gathered various references for my environment, but have chosen the following image as my main guidance.


I originally modelled a different subway cart,  before i came across my guidance image, that I find more visually interesting. This meant that I had already created a blockout that had measurements and scale set up. I set up perspective match in 3DS Max to match my geometry to the image, meaning it's more precise. 

I spent several weeks in 3DS max, creating high and low poly models, that incorporates all my reference and research. I separated my scene into modular sections that would be easily repeated, such as the Walls, Seats and Doors.     

I have just finished importing all the modular pieces into UE4, and I am currently baking down the high poly models (using Marmoset Toolbag 3) and adding additional detail in NDO. As well as further research into texturing.  


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