Animation Reel, I need help..

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Flynny triangle
Ive been a long time lurker on this forum for a good few years so many awesome guys here, I even got hired because of this forum many years ago.

But Im curious how other people approach making a new reel for moving on?
Its weird question to ask, especially if ive spent the last 4 years animating id have plenty to show!
But a lot of my work has been technical in nature and done to fit certain needs, ie doesnt look amazing but was done due to time or engine constraints..

Pretty much the last year and half due to being on an unannounced project all ive done is trivial stuff very technical but not fulfilling.
Ive progressed leaps and bounds with scripting in Maya im pretty well versed in Mel script and now Python but again pretty much every tool ive made is specific to fix a problem or do a menial task that wouldnt happen in another game engine, so there not that transferable and explaining them I fear would just get me a blank response of wtf are you doing etc..

In short, I feel like ive been shafted on this project, most of my best work is now coming to 2 years old and probably wouldnt hold well, and my more recent work just shows how well i am at jumping through hoops but not how good an animator I am..

Ive started taking part in the recent 11second clubs but with work being so busy ive found it rough to keep a good balance on life/work/animation without burning out ><
Any tips and advice for those who have been in similar situations would be grand!
Give me hope!


  • slipsius
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    Personal projects are your friend. Just do it. You should still show some professional work, but if you arent happy with the stuff, then you have to do it on your own time. Yes, its tough keeping a balance, but if you don't just suck it up and do it, you'll never get it done.
  • Andreas
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    Well, do you want to continue on as an animator? Or do you enjoy being a TA? If you have the work to support a TA I say cut one together. If you want to be an animator, nothing wrong with showing some TA stuff in your reel. In games, an animator well versed in MEL is a big plus.
  • thatanimator
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    I worked for 2 years on an unannounced project and as such have nothing to show for those 2 years now that I am looking for a more meaningful job.

    I HATE the weak attempt at an excuse for not constantly producing art, "busy at work" "busy at home". fuck . that . shit

    As I said, I have NOTHING to show for my two years. wasted time is wasted. but I still managed to animate some stuff at home, and as soon as I got free of the bound that held me I started working on a little project that would act as my reel.

    Unless you want a new job the very next day, I'd say do a couple of animations and a project (unity/udk?) and use that as a reel.

    I tend to frown on 11second animations (and anything that uses characters associated with those kinds of animations), so my suggestion (MY suggestion, in before people who love 11second club animations) would be to get cracking on some game art and game animations, present it in unity/udk rather than .. that stuff
    slipsius wrote: »
    Personal projects are your friend. Just do it.
    Slipsius said it better than me, and with less rage.. listen to him :poly136:
  • Flynny
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    Flynny triangle
    ThatAnimator: Wow, I appear to of offended you? Sorry matey but this isnt a "weak plea" (perhaps it reads too much like woe me but im just after tips for how people go about planning a reel ;p ), but I appreciate your reply either way.

    Everyone Else: Cheers for the replies so far, I just basically wanted to discuss how people sit down and plan a reel when they know the majority of the work wont be based on stuff done already for work.

    Im actually starting to do a character and a rig that I hope to release and make pretty solid for other animators to use, im guessing this would be a good way into a TA job?
    What do you guys think?
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