3D Character Modeler for Superhero Game

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Need six low-poly character models created and textured for a superhero game I am developing.

The characters need to be stylized (cross between The Incredibles and Team Fortress in terms of body proportions and look), from 1750 to 2750 polys each.

Textures need to include diffuse, bump, and normal maps, in .png 1024x1024 format.

IMPORTANT: Looking for clean, optimized geometry that will deform properly; with edge loops in appropriate areas. Faces will have somewhat distinct features, and hands will have four fingers and thumb. Characters can have angular appearance.

I have written descriptions of each character and its costuming.

The models need to be completed by the end of May / start of June.

Terms: I will pay 25% of payment due after I receive and approve thumbnail sketches of all model proportions and basic concepts. 25% of payment after I receive first three character models with UVs. 25% of payment after I receive last three characters with UVs. 25% after I receive all texture maps.

Thank you.