Metasequoia Ver3.0.0 Released (Japanese Popular 3D Software)

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Metasequoia Ver3.0.0 Released

Popular 3D tools from Japan:)

Major upgrade of the first time in 12 years,
Become a minor up for the first time in 6 years

As major changes from Ver2.4 is
● (approximately five times compared with Ver2.4) speed up the display
● High-quality display with shader support
● Display with multiple light sources
● Improved stability by improving memory management
● improvement of UV editing commands, such as selection and
● (accuracy is still) Paint with the command sculpture modeling
● Output (DAE) files COLLADA 1.4
● image loading PSD file
● Customization of keyboard operation can be enabled as well as operations such as Maya
There are, etc. You can add new features over 40 points, including the number of these, we have improved existing features.

For the LE version is currently in preparation. We plan to publish in the near future.


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