Men Of Freedom : Tangestan Game

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Hi Guys .

Here is the environment work I Did for our game called Men Of Freedom : Tangestan poly120.gif

You Can Watch First Video In Our Facebook Page :







  • Tom Pritchard
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    I don't speak Arabic, so what sort of platforms are you looking to release on? I'm thinking either PC or high-end mobile, but I'm not sure. We might be able to give more feedback if we knew the platform!

    Other than that, it's looking good!
  • igi
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    igi triangle
    Not sure but it's Persian imo.Character art looking really good.Env art need some more love maybe.But overall its looking good.Which engine is that,an inhouse one?And yeah it would be nice to add more info here like target platform etc.Interesting to see a game without westerner view of angle,ha?
  • Ehsan Gamer
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    Sorry for bad info .

    The game is a FPS game and we are making it with Unity 3D . The game will be released on PC and maybe on Consoles if we could later .

    The story happens in WW1 when English forces had the south part of Iran and some patriots fight with them .

    The Language is not Arabic . We are from IRAN and the language is Persian . (I can also speak Turkish :D)
    Env art need some more love maybe
    Can you plz explain more what is lacking and how can I make it better

    Thx . more comments will help me alot .
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