WIP UDK - lair of a criminal

This is my first scene using UDK which I have been working on for a couple weeks now. I feel its far enough along for me to post some WIP's. This was inspired by the movie Se7en when the detectives discover the apartment of the serial killer. It's a small scene mainly to familar myself with UDK. I still have some main pieces I need to model and texture so excuse the grey blocks :)




  • nick2730
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    good concept keep going looks good so far, altho cant see much maybe increase ambient bounces
  • gsokol
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    gsokol dedicated polycounter
    Cool, lighting looks pretty nice..maybe you can use a little bit more ambient light to fill the area like nick2730 said..just a little bit.
  • dcgear
    hey guys thanks for the comments. I tried playing with the ambient bounces a bit but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference from the default of 3. I do want to increase the ambient lighting so I have plans to make some lights to bring this up eventually. At the same time I want to keep it a little dark, mysterious and moody. I have started added some desk lamps and bookshelf lamps around the room to give a bit more ambient light into the scene. Also added some more books on the empty shelving unit.

  • dudealan2001
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    look at the movie 7 I think there is some massive inspiration there especially with the photo's and the red light from the dark room could be pretty sick looking. Also use Higher res images I want to be able to see your sene clearly.
  • dcgear
    dudealan- you read my mind I had the plan to have the red light in the back :) heres a first pass at it
  • dcgear
    updated with color grading, and some new props :)

  • DeadlyFreeze
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    It's coming along nicely and the lighting is looking much better now. Try working some yellow and more red lights in to break up all the green/blue lighting.
  • Darkleopard
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    Definitely looking better! Great progress
  • dcgear
    thanks for the comments guys! here is todays progress.
  • konstruct
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    Looks really good! although it looks more like a private investigators office more so than some deranged serial killer. I`m not saying you need to blood it up or anything. It just needs something unsettling.

    I`m not sure if you`ve played it, but you should check out the Fairfax residence in Swat 4. Its a really old game. unreal 2.5 I think? Anyways- the second level you have to apprehend a serial killer. It gets all, "silence of the lambs" towards the end of the level, but maybe this video will help aid in some ideas:

    (watch in fullscreen, 720p)
  • dcgear
    konstruct: thanks for the feedback! you are absolutely right, that is a great reference video you have attached, definitely some things i can borrow from there. My hope is, I plan to wrap this up in the next couple of days and start on something else. I may end up just changing the name ;)

    Larry1: this being my first unreal scene I would have to say its worth learning and a good exercise! there is still so much I haven't tapped into so im slowly learning this aswell :)
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