(Maya) Flipping Normals question

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Selaznog polycounter lvl 5
Hey, this is sort of a dumb question, but I just want to make sure I'm 100% on this before I UV everything on my mech.

If I have a piece that's symmetrical, and I want each side to have the same texture (so I can overlap them in the UV grid and save space), would I need to flip the normals of the UV set I flip over to fit the original? Sorry, kind of hard to explain.

Basically when I have "Toggle shaded uv display" turned on, a UV shell is red. When I flip normals, it goes blue which is good.

However I remember running into troubles with UDK where flipped normals disappeared, but that could have been something else entirely I guess.

If anyone has an answer, that would be great. Thanks :)


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