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Hi there,

I'm starting this thread for a very specific purpose. Getting Better. And by that, I mean REALLY.GETTING BETTER. I want to be able to create some good 3D characters, and for the most part until now, i'd hide my skill as I use to work with a body that ad all the basics informations.

Ho I was wrong...

I was soooo wrong.

As my Zbrush skills in detailling got better, the whole rest, the basis, the silhouette, and basically all the importants things started to rot away. It easy to get lost into the heavy-peasy detailling into Zbrush, and I was trapped in it.

Not much to say except it's mentally a hard road to travel (as if art isn't hard enough) and I know that only my own lazyness and supitidy on that matter got me there, so I've decided to put my hands off of my a** and start working, back to the basis.

The thing is, I currently have a job right now, as a 2D/3D artist so I can't sculpt all day long (to mention that this have been an excuse too on *not* working at all besides work) but I decided that i'll do at least one sculpt a day.

Like everybody, I know that small steps leads to greater things. I know it, though I didn't believed it. I decided to cast aside that and sculpt. Sculpt everyday, like my life depends on it.

This is my journey..

ps : Critics and Comments are much welcome, as one can't do THAT much alone, i'll rely on you guys too !

old SSD (speed-sculpt of the day, much faster to write :) )






See you later for another sculpt !


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    Awesome idea man :) Are you sculpting with perspective on? If not give it a try. I should probably start doing something like this myself. Good luck man :)
  • innervision961
    Good luck on your journey! You got this!
  • Scythe
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks guys :) About the perspective thing. I have mixed feeling. To tell you the truth, back in school my teacher told me to scuplt W/o perspective off for Zbrush. But in the perspective view in other 3D software (such as softimage xsi or maya). But my latest boss told me the exact contrary.

    What are you thoughts ? better scuplt in persp mode ?
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    depends what your doing it for some of the characters ive worked on were for isometric games therefore best to sculpt in orthographic (or wat ever its called) but i find that you can sculpt in either one for quick sculpts and concepting but ive had the same thing with people telling me to or not to sculpt in perspective and in the end i just found that if i forgot to switch perspective on and my sculpt looked weird in perspective i would just leave it and sculpt with out it haha
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    Ged greentooth
    think of the end result. If its a 3D game character its most likely going to be viewed in perspective unless is an orthographic3D/2D game(which arent very common these days). Therefore sculpt in perspective and you will get a good idea of what your end result will look like, sculpting in orthographic and then hitting perspective often just to check your work is also an option but it means you will be going "oh crap I thought that looked great now it looks weird in perspective".

    As for the sculpts here so far they are a good start but really Google some skull reference and try making a skull again or just do some pencil sketches of skulls to get a better grasp on what the shapes actually look like.
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    @TehSplatt, Ged : Roger that. I'm not planning on skipping working my 2D either. I think both are really good when you're working 2D and 3D in pair. but that take so much time :).

    Thanks for the insight about the perspective, i'll work in persp mode from now on, as Ged said, I often stumble upon the "looks good without, looks so frigging weird with..." Moreover, i think the transition is far better from persp-> ortho than ortho-> me.
    I'll try working on a whole ecorch
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Second take on the skull. I think this time, working with both a 3/4 of a skull ad in perspective helped. I think that the reference I used for my first attempt weren't as precise a the photo I found. Anyway, sculpt sculpt sculpt

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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6

    So I came back from work and knew I had to work on DSS, but my head was just killing me, so I popped up my human anatomy for artist and decided to do something else. It's been quite some time since i've wanted to try and put up together a skeleton by myself, I want...need to know of what and how the body is built.

    And gosh, the human machinery will never cease to amaze me. I just started with the forearm and a little of the wrist, and it's Each and every time i'm studying anatomy, I feel so little and amazed before the complexity and the beauty of the human body that it leaves me with my mouth hanging wide open.

    I don't really know how to describe it, but I think working from the basic, the bones, and eventually building up to the muscles, fat and skin, makes me respect ourselves more and more every time.

    At first, I felt somewhat guilty of not doing a DSS of an head, skull of portrait, but I quickly realized that what I'm doing will have to be done a some point in time, and that it could be uselful that I rest y mind a little from heads and face and work onto something else for a little while.

    I'm not specially aiming toward creating every nook and notches of every bones, nor making a ultra highres movielike version of it; It's pretty simple, i just wanna learn where everything is, and how it works :)

    I love the human body, seriously !

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    Ged greentooth
    Youve made a bit of progress with that skull but there is a lot of the same mistakes as the first skull. Pay a lot of attention to your reference

    Heres a few skulls I found on google that Ive changed the brightness to bring out the lights and darks and painted on a few quick shadows so that you can see what shapes are prominent and what areas are actually recessed into the skull. I like to break down the skull into shapes that I can remember so Ive done a quick overpaint of what shapes think of when I think of a sculpting skull. I personally find it useful to think in shapes and facets but there are many ways to learn anatomy.

    Personally I wouldnt recommend bothering with intricate workings of arms etc until you have the big important stuff like overall anatomical shapes and heads/faces out the way but if you really find it helps you become a better artist go ahead. :)
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hey guys, thanks for the comments and feedback. It might not looks like it, but it's something important :)

    @Ged : Yes, I know I should have been working on the head, but as I said, a violent headache was hammering my brain, so I choose to do something that would make me think less and do more.

    Anyway, back on sculpting head and skulls :p. I think that I need to do it over and over anyway, and not one long time to a super defined poly. I have to learn to put those shape easily and quickly, hence i'll prefere to do a ton of skulls (and head, even though they're ugly as fu**) rather than one or 2.

    Well, will drink my morning coffee and start working ! Onward !
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    Yeah Ged nailed it pretty much. But to expand upon what Ged said I would break the skull up into separate object that reflects real bone. For example I'd have the jaw as a separate object from the skull. That way it'll give you a lot more freedom when it comes to sculpting and getting into those hard to reach places. There’s no point making more work for yourself.

    Personally I would bring in a ref image of a skeleton into zbrush and just block in the main segments of bone with boxes, spheres, etcs. That way you've got a great platform to work from and as an added bonus correct anatomy proportions. But keep going mate. I keep my eyes on this. Best of luck.
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    Almost always sculpt in perspective. The only times you don't want to use it is for technical things or things that you need to move on an exact axis, for example, if you're moving the knees of your character, turn off perspective. for just about everything else, keep it on!

    your sculpting looks to be improving, so nice work. Currently the things you need to improve is working from reference and working on the forms rather than just detailing. I'll break it down for you:

    Reference: It's clear from your head shots that you're either not using reference, not using enough reference, or just ignoring it to a degree. I've drawn you out an image to show you what i mean. The silhouette of youe head sculpt is just anatomically wrong in a number of places, the shape of the front of the face is not right, the jaw line isn't right, the shape of the cranium is not right and these problems stand out the most. You really need to stick very closely to your reference in order to understand the anatomy of the face


    Forms: You need to really give a lot of thought to the underlying forms and shapes of the face, rather than just sculpting them in. Your sculpt suffers from this. You've represented the forms of the face, such as the crease in the cheek or the brow, but on a very superficial level, which makes it look blobby. You really need to sculpt the full shapes of the face. A good practice is to analyise some face photos to see the contours of the face in detail, then really follow those shapes and block out the forms using the clay tubes brush and layer them in, then smooth it over and start to add finer details

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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Ace : Thanks for the time you spent making these and writing :D. You really pointed up something true there. To be honest, I used to never use references, because i was somewhat shrouded with a false sense of pride saying "if some people can do without, I can".

    Little did I realise that even then those people might use some references, but they worked their asses of years before on knowing the skull, the body, working with ref to a degree that it's burnt into their mind. I feel ashamed of myself to have thought i could do the same but without the training. In the end, i'd just make a fool of myself.

    That why I decided to throw away (for now) that pride, empty my brain and let all the knowledge, references, work, help and critiques pour into my brain like informations pour into a newborn.

    I'm starting to learn how to learn.

    About the reference thing, I do put some, but I think that because of the aformentioned pride and because of my lack of skills, I always end up throwing it halfway because "now it's ok i can start make it looks how I want". Well there again, i can't be more wrong. I have to stick the hell up to my references and nothing else, and this is something I have to learn too. I will try what you said after I nailed my skulls :D

    Ged, Di$array : Hell yeah, I tried today to combine what you've said, I just started working on the upper part of the skull, without worrying about the jaw at first. µI popped your image via imageplan into Zbrush and started working. What I can see is that it looks better than my previous skull, and starts to actually look less creepy. With less polys, it actually looks better.

    Before sculpting, I popped up photoshop and my human anatomy for artist and drew some skulls, front, left, and various view, with and without the jaw. I think it helped :)


    Your hints and critiques ares really helpful guys, this is awesome ! Thanks ! If you were to live nearby i'd gladly offer you some beers :p
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    Ged greentooth
    that skull is looking a lot better! happy to help, keep at the studies!
  • Scythe
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hi there, Thanks Ged. I feel like all the tips and tricks and the constant training are starting to kick in.

    So today decided to make a little face, and what i'd say is that even if it's fricken far from perfect, I feel much more confident when i'm sculpting. I think i'm starting to find my personal workflow that'll work for me, and areas I was scared to start before are slowly fading in. This really drives me to continue, listen to your advices everyone.

    I feel really tired sometimes and I have to cut off social interactions in order to be able to work on my everyday job and train on a daily basis, but the outcome qis really satisfying me and well...I can be social when i'll have good skills :). I feel like i've made more progress this last week than in the last 5 months...

    I love sculpting, godammit !

    Ps : Do you guys have any sites where i could find some good reference sheet ? that'd be helpful :)

  • mr_ace
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    Ged greentooth
    Scythe wrote: »
    I feel really tired sometimes and I have to cut off social interactions in order to be able to work on my everyday job and train on a daily basis, but the outcome qis really satisfying me and well...I can be social when i'll have good skills :). I feel like i've made more progress this last week than in the last 5 months...

    Good that you are making progress but I personally have to say that a more balanced lifestyle will help with creativity and not feeling burnt out or tired.
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    hey there, thanks for the feedback, guys. Thanks for the ref, Ace, and don't worry ged, I still have some time for sports and wimenz :)

    kinda late, wasn't able to work last night so double dose today ;) did a skull, again. I think it's starting to get better shapes.

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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hi, it feels like forever since I posted something, even though it was yesterday.

    Another head, i feel there is some improvment, especially in the way that I don't have areas I hate anymore. It far from perfect, i need to really learn to sculpt the forms of the head, I think i'll do that while drawing it in 2D and then sculpting it in 3D.

    The path is long and awesome :)

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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Howy ! Took some time away (wasn't near a computer this weekend) and as for thursday, i started doodling in photoshop and when I looked up, it was already 1 in the morning :s

    Anyway, for god's sakes, I feel like i'm absolutely getting nowhere tonight. I'm making some child's mistakes, keep forgetting my perspective, focusing on tiny details instead of the whole..Crappy night :p

    Well, it can't always be rainbow, unicorn and fairies anyway, what'll make me a better artist is to plow through these phases without losing hope

  • RiotForQuiet
    keep working at it. the fact that you know you can improve and what you need to do to get there is a really good thing! keep being a good self critic and humble to ask for help.

    sculpt in perspective. :D

    good luck
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hey thanks Riot.

    Thruth be told, I think that posting here and confronting myself to the critics and judgements of other artist was the best thing I did in a long time. Not only a new eye helps me find my mistakes, but you guys somewhat drives me to work. Kinda win/win situation. I'm really grateful for all your insight (gosh, i'm saying this in almost every posts)

    Well, lunchies sculptbreak are awesome, did a face while listening to some Ryan Kingslien stuff, pumped me up so much.

    I think now I've got a slight hang on that skull, and before doing some awesomley faces, I need to work my planes. Know where they are, what they are, give name to stuff and all. I wll probably make several of these ! I'm, at the same time, finding a workflow that's suiting me, and helps me defining areas much easier and smoother than before. Noticed a small improvement in the time too.

    Workworkworkwork !

  • Rigoberto1
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hi, today's share ! Went past my time limit but time flew by so quickly :o

    Don't mind the ear, I tried some shenanigan with dynamesh (creating the ear elsewhere then merge it into my face) I spent some time doing this for a not-so-satisfying result. The experience was still worth

    anyway :


    There's some improvement but it's far from satisfying. Need to get those right. moremoremore
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    very speedy just for the sake of testing myself and what I remember.
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Hello there, not posting much these days, the reason is I had to do 2 full white night for work and I have much toubles catching my sleep back.

    But it does not mean i'm not working. I'm still powering anatomy through my mind by drawing it (thanks to the atlas of the human anatomy for artist) and powering my brain with Ryan Kingslien webinar and videos, some Scott Eaton and Zack Petroc.

    Learning learning learning !
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    I haven't spellchecked it, so sorry for mistakes and errors in advance :) Let's Rock !


    So here I am, sitting in front of my computer, TV is on and a beer at my side. Everything is set so I can start writing this thing. As for now I have absolutely no idea if i'ts going to be a packed wall of text or not. Just saying, while coming from work i thought about all the application for what i'm about to show, and I must say it holds a tremendous power.

    First thing first, this might bit a let down for some people and a relief to a few : I used Softimage XSI in order to make those hair. I'm pretty sure that you can do almost the same in maya, and hardly in max. Fear not, voyager, because XSI has the amazing ability of using maya hotkeys (it asks you at the beginning). I will, nonetheless, be using the original XSI interface as for the shortcut and all.

    Anyway, let's start, shall we ?


    Ok so first and foremost, before setting up my planes and all my stuff, I like to have a proper and clean alpha map to work with. Not the final, epic hair you guys will make, just a placeholder so you'll see where it goes right and where it goes wrong. This is important, truly important as setting your planes without seeing how the alpha (and the diffuse) looks can get you in some troubles.

    For easy, real easy and epic hair alpha, I use Zbrush. Most of all (if not all) are familiar with that technique but i'm gonna show it anyway while I'm at it, it can't help to remind it and maybe some of you don't know about how awesome zbrush is for making Hair diffuse and alpha.

    Pop in Zbrush, and clic on the quicksketch icone. You'll have a somewhat grey canvas. We'll have to turn it white. Take any brush you want, choose some white and pub RGB on and Zadd/Zsub off. Paint it.

    Now that everything's white, this is where the magic begins : Press space, in the icone above brushes choose the 2.5D brush : decobrush. Get rid of the texture it comes with, change the alpha (Alpha 37 is really neat for that) and choose your colors. Start to draw and you'll immediately see the epicness of this brush


    Now you just have to go in document : export in psd and voila, your placeholder is set up (it takes less that five minutes, hurhurhur)


    Now we'll start getting in the heart of it. You guys got your model, your alpha and you have in your mind the idea of the haircut you want to create. You need nothing more.

    For XSI, you will have to set up project (ala maya) otherwise he's a pain when you want to save on your HDD. Go to import -> import OBJ and look for the lowpoly (or like me the decimated one) of your char. Note that XSI, being the awesome software that it is, is able to handle a great deal of polygons.

    When you have your model, you will have to create your planes. For those who don't know XSI, i'll try to explain how to get there briefly.


    As shown on the image, go to primitive -> polygon Mesh -> Grid. The box that appear is self explanatory, it manages the caracteristics of your plane. Nothing to do more.
    Now, you will have to set up a projection (a contrario to maya where every mesh already have a projection mapping and you just need to pop up the windows, in XSI you'll have first to give them the property "projection". This is because XSI is a nodal softwarre (although not as much as houdini) and allow a lot of transformation in between different operation without breaking the mesh or crashing. Did I say is was frigging powerful ?)


    As show on the screen, you just need to go to property -> texture projection-> choose whatever projection suits you best.
    When this is over, you can use the shortcut alt+7 (for the shortcuts, it will always be the number above the letter, okay ? :)) to pop up the uv editor. Arrange everything so it fits your alpha. Remember, it's only a placeholder, nothing prevent your from making only 1 alpha for every strands now, and go back to do a lot of different alpha later. You'll just have to select the mesh you want to change and move it on the texture editor. And since you'll have uv'ed it BEFORE deformations occurs : Epic stuff will happen.

    (From now, i'll explain the rest using my already made model)


    So here's where i'm at right now. Alpha and diffuse are far from perfect but I don't care, what is needed for now is good plane placement. I'm not a boss at making hair so it's kind of iffy right now, but you'll need to know that it took me less than an hour to put everything.

    Small note regarding your planes (and this, in my opinion, is really important) I always tend to make planes with around 6 to 8 horizontal edges and 1 vertical. That one vertical is crucial, it'll help your hair not look flat as f***


    See, not flat. This is crucial, like your life. Also, do not make the same mistake as me there, my hair have slightly too much horizontal edges. What i thought through is that it's better to have fewer edge and apply a smooth/turbosmooth later, it'll subdivide everything evenly and give and awesome flow to your hair.

    To put textures on your model in XSI (this is the part I hate, XSI have some problem with alpha managment and it's always a frigging pain to set the material, i'll try to explain it to the best of my extent).

    To pop up the material editor, use CTRL+7 to pop up the windows, then in create-> choose whatever material you want. From there it looks like maya except it's a little bit tricky to import maps.


    When you got that, apply the newly made material to your hair strands and close the windows. Use 7 to pop the material Editor windows (yeah, diff/ window for the same shit...You'll have to select only 1 strand (doesnt work with multiple object) to have your material in it)


    Go to texture->image -> drag and drop it next to your material and clic on it.( 1 and 2 ) Then clic on new (3) and new from file (4) to import your image. Repeat and rinse to import the diffuse and the alpha.

    Clic on the red dot to create a link between your image and the material, and drop them in there rightful place. Now's the real tricky stuff. Sometime it works, sometime it don'. As of now, XSI decided that he was able to use my diffuse as alpha (he converted everything that was white as alpha) so i don't even need my alpha. That's somewhat weird. I might not know how to explain it so i'll rather show screens of my setup, but it's basically just trial and error


    And theeere we go, should be all goodey. Now, we will start placing the hair (yeah, that's the actual fun part, sorry for the rambling before but i thought it was important)


    AS said in the title, the idea came to me after I remembered my teacher's lesson about rendering in 3dsmax. The way you'll use rendered hair is that you can either have a simili of hair & fur, or max will use every guide to create a plane.

    Guide to create plane...guides ? Guides are just curves..So what if we could constraint a plane to a curve. This where the fun started for me. Simple enough You will set curves in the way you'll want your hair to be. Needless to say, this gives an AMAZING control for difficult haircut, and we're just scratching the surface of it !*
    Almost forgot : Useful thing, you can pop up the explorer (hotkey : 8) to manage your file, and the layer manager (hotkey : 6) well..for layering things)

    To create curves in XSI : Easy ! Go to Create-> Curves-> drawn curves By CV's. Then you'll just have to draw it and everything's good. You can then use CTRL+D to duplicate it and make another strand. XSI have an awesome tool called the move tool (HOTKEY M) which let's you freely move your edge/vertices (similar to one of maya's tool, can't remember thy name)


    now you finally have your guides and your planes It's better if the beginning of your curves goes inside the head, more on that later !. What's needed next is to constraint them to your curves.Simply enough, select your plane, CTRL+D to duplicate it and go to Deform-> By curves.


    This will pop up the window of the gods. The doorway to agharta, the brigde to Asgard. Anything you want.

    So when this window pup, you'll see a lot of option. The first to use, is go to contraint (just up the mute button) and clic on "contraint to deformer" This will constraint your plane to your curve. But it looks like crap right now. That's okay ! Under mute, on the axis, choose the axis that your plane was before constraining (i think it's that, but for me I always use Z and it work like magic).

    Now, the plane seems to follow the curve but it still look bad. Don't worry, old friend ! Now, it will be a matter of tweaking those parameters. I won't show what is great since it highly depends on what you want, but i'll explain what everything does :

    Scaling Along :

    Scaling along curves : IT will decide on the actual length of you plane. It will follow the curve from the beginning to the end but isn't bound by it. Meaning if you go farther than the begining, it will take the direction of your last vertex and scale in this direction ad infinitum. Same for the end. You just need to find the proper lenght.

    Scaling along Normal : Ha~haaa, remember when I told earlier that the egde in the middle of your plane was really important ? That slider will impact on that ! Meaning you'll be able to make that edge go up or down EVENLY and it's still FOLLOWING the curves. This, coupled with a small smooth gives awesome results.

    Scaling along Binormal : There, I won't deny it, i can't remember what the binormal parameter stands for. What I do know, though, is what it's used for now. When you deformed your planed, it's width increased a lot. Well that parameter will impact on the width of your plane. And as the scaling along normal, it'll scale evenly throughout your plane and follow the curve perfectly.

    Roll :

    This nice parameter allow you to roll your plane in order to put it in the best position on the head. Note that it'll only roll circularly (is that even a word) around the curve.

    Translation along :

    Translation along curve : pretty self explanatory : It will determine where the plane is on your curves. Aas with the scaling along, once you go farther than the end points, it'll go in that direction forever. That is why I told you to put the first vertex of your curve inside your head : so that when you'll move the plane along the line, if you go farther than the starting point on the curve it'll still actlike it's coming out of the head (this is something important that I alway forget to do)

    Translation along normal : Useful thing, it'll translate you plane along the Z axis of your plane, (generally the axis of the spline you use to make the hair rounder.

    Translation along binormal : Translation along the x and y axis. Nothing fancy but frigging useful.

    Well, here it is : as for now you'll be able to populate your head with planes that'll have a nice good flow. Finally, in the bottom right corner, use freeze so your hair are no longer dependable of your curves, and export (or do whatever you want). BE SURE TO HAVE FINISHED YOUR HAIR BEFORE !



    Now, this is completly optional but it surely adds insult to injury. Remember when I told you XSI was a nodal software ? This is where it gets really incredible. You have created your hair along curves : good. But you still want to modify them ? You can do it !

    You are still able to select your planes and modify them vertices by vertices, edges by edges, polygon by polygon. Yeah that's right. But that's far from enought. Oh so far.

    Remember your curves ? Well then you remember that your hair are CONSTRAINED to them. Yes. I see that light in your eyes. Try to move your curves... Yes, indeed you can still modify them and your hair will follow perfectly.

    And to be frank, that's not even the end. I like how SQUEENIX did Lightning's hair in FF XIII. Well, that's easy to do. Select one of your plane (and you can even select one you already placed.) Pop the explorer, go to polygon mesh-> select the curve deformer : Put in on mute.

    It's bake where it was before. At that point, you should be able to use any deformer you want (let's say, Twish for some Lightning hair..Wave for the curvy one ?) use your modifier,put your hair as your want. UNMUTE the curve modifier : Everything go back how it was before, except it accepted the modification you just did.

    If you have read this up to this point, congratz, but most of all, you might see the endless possibilities that this method can be used with. Beard, Halo, animation, Cloth ect.

    XSI might be difficult at first but it definitely pays off in the ends. If you need help in any way, just feel free to ask, i'm always lurking the WAYWO thread like an homeless hobo.

    Well, my first beer is finished, starting another. Now 'll have to upload all of that. Sorry for the incredibly long post, but I hope it'll be helpful !

    This is what I made the first time I tried this technique, but i'mm pretty sure you cand make amazingly complicated haircut with it !


    Last, if you have any problem, don't know how to do or lose confidence in doing your art : look at this video
    And now, go make the most amazing art ever :D

    Stay tuned !

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    duncan polycounter lvl 8
    Awesome work. Thanks for the hair tips to I can never that stuff working properly.

    By the by with the face I have found some of the following images VERY helpful:

    Golden Ratio Face Mask:

    Some examples




    I hope they help and I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next.
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Wow thanks man ! this is going straight to my ref folder.

    I'm still working on that elf-girl for now, going kinda slow with retopo (and during my break). If i Ain't lazy, i'll scan and post some of the anatomy studies I made, for training purposes !
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    Dang, 3xposting but whatever, calling this done !

    2vl5zwh.jpg 2j0nk2x.jpg
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    Scythe polycounter lvl 6
    been a helluva time since i posted anything, i'm more enclined on doing some snack quickies from time to time and working on some char the rest of the time. Anyway, I should update this thread way more...

    Last days farts


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