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Hey everyone! I'm starting up a new environment here, so lets get right to it! I am working with a really good friend of mine named Kalen Chock who is helping me create a custom environment from the ground up. He is doing all of the concepts, and I am taking them into 3D land. Check out his site if you want to be blown away!!!

So here is the inital concept. Pretty epic scale, and easily one of the biggest scenes I've ever taken on. I am still kinda blocking things in, but I had an itching to get into zBrush so I've already started some of the more defined pieces.

So the first issue that I am running into here is trying to figure out the smartest way to do mountains. I'm just curious as to whether anyone has had greater success with one method over another.

Anyways, enough text! Here is where I am at. I am open to all thoughts and comments. Thanks in advance everyone!!



  • Two Listen
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    Two Listen polycounter lvl 9
    The way you've got things blocked out at the moment is really throwing off the scale for me. I can't give you any technical advice on how to do the mountains, but right now they're completely dwarfing the temple/building which makes the structure itself look a lot, lot smaller than it does in the concept.

    It doesn't look like you're going to be doing as much of the surrounding environment so you don't get to use the depth in the scene to help you present things as much, so pay extra special attention to the scale of everything if you're looking to match the idea in the painting. If the ramp leading up to the door is going to be steps, the viewer is going to be using that as a mental note of how big a person might be. You said the ground texture was placeholder, does that go for the grass as well? Again the size of it is making the building and its features look much less impressive.
  • DeadlyFreeze
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    what two listen said, scale is way off at the moment.

    There aren't really any oblivious indicaters of scale(people, doors, cars, etc..) in the concept, so having a repeating element is going to be really important to indicate the scale of the scene. If you plan to use the half arch thing you really need to have one up close to show off it's large size.

    Keep cracking away at it the textures you have so far look great.
  • Darkleopard
    Agreed with above, fix the scale before going further. Great concept to be working from!
  • Donavonyoung
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    I would just do a rough blockout of the scene as well. It'll really help with the scale and help you grasp the composition.
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