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Hey PC! So I have been working at a small studio in Orange, California called Ember Lab, and we have been developing an unannounced iOS title for the last several months. Ember Lab is primarily a Visual Effects Company, but we are currently undertaking our first game title (which I will be linking as soon as soon as our marketing stuff is all complete!!). However! Ember Lab's main project has been a film called Dust. It is a beautiful film that is very heavy on visual effects and matte paintings. Everyone on this team is extremely talented, and all have so much passion for their craft as well as this awesome project.

I realize that Polycount is primarily a Game Art forum, but I know that this is a community that just simply enjoys art, regardless of the medium. Our team has turned to Kickstarter for support on the remaining post-production, so we need your help to meet our goal. Please take a moment to check out this awesome trailer for Dust, and if you feel so compelled, then join our cause. Thanks everyone!!!



Here is the link for the movies full site:

And here is Ember Lab's official site as well:


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