next version of iBath (1.2.1) is a bit insane

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I found some quirky ways of speeding up this app;

[ame=" 1.2.1 (almost unlimited Ducks) - YouTube[/ame]

Unlimited ducks basically. Out in a few days.

Current version (1.2) here:


  • Chunkey
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    haha cool!

    Have you thought about creating challenges like putting a small boat/raft in the bath and seeing how many ducks can be placed on it? Though it would mean having control over where the ducks drop..

    Or setting a line from top to bottom of the bath, you then have to get all the ducks behind the line using just the water ripples, touching the ducks incur a penalty. Each time you get 5 or 10 ducks behind the line, the line moves closer to the edge of the bath, so you have less space to place the ducks until you need to bunch them up in weird and wonderful ways.

    Going to persuade the mrs to download it for her ipad 2 that's for sure! :)
  • hawken
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    hawken polycounter lvl 12
    Nice ideas!

    I haven't yet figured out how to add games to this... certainly if the app got featured or a period of good sales I'd dump some time into it. Kids seem happy enough messing with ducks.

    I think the next update will have new objects, that will interact in interesting ways. Bit of a puzzle figuring out a logical system for really young kids.

    In the view above I am pulling dark magic - polycount goes over 300,000 tris with almost no slowdown.
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