High to Low Texturing Workflow

Hey guys,

I'm going from a high rez sculpt in zbrush (no UV's) to a low rez mesh.

How would I go about getting the poly paint data from a high rez mesh (no UV's) to the low rez mesh (with UV's)?

I have tried to do a method that involves XNormal.

  1. Taking the high rez (polypainted)
  2. Making a blank texture map for it
  3. Generating GUVTiles
  4. Hitting New from Poly paint (poly paint is scene using GUVTiles)
  5. Taking the low rez and the high rez into XNormals
  6. Baking out the base texture from the high rez to the low rez
This works good, HOWEVER -- I am getting artifacting across my model (because of the GUVTiles being constructed of lots of little...well...tiles), and it's not as clean as I hoped.

What is a high poly paint to low rez workflow? Thanks!


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