Toon outline problem

Hey im working on a small scene in maya and can't figure out why this is happening.

Problem: I have some 2d characters which i have nasked out with an alpha mask. On my 3d objects i have a toon outline. when i render the scene the toon outline on the 3d objekts will show through my 2d characters and i have no clue as to why it is happening.


then i have a smaller problem with the characters which i have alpha maskes gets an 1-2 pixel thick outline, how do you guys alpha mask object to avoid this outline with unwanted pixels?



  • Butthair
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    I don't know what engine you are using, but some engines can create odd bugs when rendering a toon shader effect where there are masked/transparent meshes. If this toon shader is a post process effect, it might just ignore the transparent/masked meshes.

    If they are set to a transparent type of blend mode, they might need to be switched to a masking type blend mode (UDK as several for instance).

    Also, in order to prevent the grey line appearing around the masked images, be sure to have some extra buffer space (or bleed room) in the texture that matches the texture near the mask edges. In this case the outlines are black, so you should be fine with a black fill.
  • Vailias
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    I believe the outline issue is due to the method of the toon renderer. It applies the linework as a fianl pass, and since your 2d character is using an alpha channel, it may not be sorted into the depth occlusion pass properly for the line generation. Turn off the alpha mask for a test render and see if the outlining problem persists. You may just have to rendder your scene in multiple passes and composite them later in AfterFx or something.
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