3ds max's version of maya's make live

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hey so im mainly a maya user, though im starting to use 3ds max as well.

one thing i heavily use general 3d programs like those for is creating my game model from my high poly

i export all the parts from zbrush at around division 3 where i have the main details but there arent too many polys for maya/max to handle.

i then import these medium resolution meshes and, when using maya, i make it live and start building my mesh from that. making it live ensures that my game model is exactly aligned with my high poly because i can snap vertices to its surface.

i did some research on max's version of this and the best i came up with is snapping to a frozen object, where id make my medium res import frozen and snap to it. the problem is this only snaps to the frozen object's vertices whereas maya's snaps to the whole entire surface of whatever object is live which is smooth and awesome. is there another way to accomplish this in max?


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