[UDK] Rock Environment WIP

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Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7
Hey! This is something Im working on during my free time. Im just a Student currently doing my internship so my stuff is probably not in the "wow" category but i thought I'll share it anyway ^^ Everything is quite WIP but some feedback would be great on how it looks so far :) the ground texture is just a placeholder I did in 10 minutes with the Xnormal filter and some of the rock pillars will be changed to some other rock formations






This is kind of a plan on what I want to do with it. Want to make the gate like in native american style, some totems and such. Right now Im focusing on cactuses and other vegetation so fill upp the spaces with :)

No production lightning built yet since Im still adding things. right now its just default skydome with some tweaks, small hint of bloom and a little bit scene desaturation on like 0.1 haha ^^ total tricount atm is about 100.000 tris, but since its just a home project I dont think its an issue.


  • chrisradsby
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    chrisradsby polycounter lvl 8
    Needs more color variation, I'd say. And post textures so we can have a looksie and crit that as well ^^.

    What are you using for reference? Reference is key.

    Play around with shapes, right now you've just got all these rounded shapes.

    Right now it just looks like a bunch of rocks piled together by someone. (which it is).

    Is it supposed to be more of a canyon? Then maybe cliff-style rocks would be better for the background stuff.


    If you want cool and weird looking canyon, maybe some reference from Bryce Canyon will do ^^ google it.

    100k tris is usually the thing you get if you copy and paste smaller stuff to make bigger stuff, instead of making the bigger stuff from scratch. Have a think and maybe create the bigger rocks or cliffs from scratch, the result will be much better and more varied. Good work so far :)
  • SirCalalot
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    SirCalalot polycounter lvl 6
    I really like the style and concept - it looks pretty good in its current state too :)
    What @chrisradsby; mentioned are the details which will really bring the scene into the next level though. Try more variation in your plant life too.

    Kaiser D
  • Fozwroth
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    Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks for the good feedback! :) the idea of making more cliff like meshes for the borders sounds like a really good thing, awesome reference in that canyon! :D

    could post some textures later when I get home from the office. Some more variation in the plantlife is planned, I like the idea with grass alot ^^
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