UDK- Missing objects/references null

I have a UDK project that was working fine. Made a lovely scene sometime ago. Only now I seem to have messed up the folder system or the files.

I created a scene of a watermill in a old version. Today I copied the udk and upk files over and made a nice tidy folder structure (may not be the same as the original) and when I open the UPK in a newer version i get a message (a package named *** already exists. package names must be unique). The folder in the content browser is empty.
When I try and open the map .udk I get an error saying - missing objects, a list of MY static objects missing, and it says if I save they will be set to Null.

I've tried opening in the old version, but now when I open the .udk map, it crashes.

There must be a way to open my scene in a new version of UDK?
Is there a way of setting the path to the meshes folder? Or how do I find out where its looking for the meshes folder? (then i can copy the folder to that location and it should load it)


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