Crytek Frankfurt - Cinematic Designer

Crytek Frankfurt is looking for a talented Cinematic Designer to help us bring our cinematics to life using the CryENGINE® 3 and Sandbox editor for a next generation FPS experience. The ideal candidate for this position should have strong cinematic, artistic and aesthetical sense in both set-design and animation as you will be working with the Director of Animation and be responsible for all cut-scenes in collaboration with level artists and level designers.
The Cinematic Designer is responsible for the development and incorporation of story-based events into the game. They are responsible for developing and testing interactive and non-interactive story and level events, including how it plays, in conjunction with the Level Design and Creative Direction and interfacing with Technical Development Teams.


  • Scripting, Layout, and incorporation out of in-game and/or pre-rendered cutscenes, level locations and cutscene elements using the CryEngine Sandbox Editor.
  • Work closely with Cinematic Lead and/or Director to assure a high degree of quality on all cutscenes.
  • Mentor and supervise less experienced designers to increase overall scene design quality.
  • Assist in documentation of cinematic development processes and techniques.
  • Coordinate with other studio groups including art, animation, audio and production to achieve project objectives. Provides guidance and assistance where required, and is willing to accept guidance and assistance when required.
  • Shows a strong passion for making the highest quality state of the art games.
  • Contributes innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development.
  • Actively participate in team working on project by making recommendations on how to improve product quality as well as group productivity.


  • Minimum 2 Years professional experience or 1 shipped AAA title on PC, Xbox360 or PS3.
  • Experienced understanding and ability to build high-quality cutscenes with a focus on cinematic techniques including: camera angles, scene layout and blocking, color and lighting design, and actor blocking.
  • Experienced with in-game interactivity in regards to Level Design Layout and Gameplay.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Excited, passionate and motivated.
  • Must work well in a team oriented environment.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be willing to relocate to Frankfurt.


  • Working knowledge of CryEngine Sandbox toolset.
  • Strong communicator, able to easily present ideas and information to the team.
  • Experience in using scripting tools including: AI, in-game interactive sequences, scenario design, etc.
  • Ability to articulate a clear focused-vision to designer, artists and programmers.
  • Ability to challenge assumptions and bring about innovative solutions.

Please make sure your application includes a portfolio of your work. Thank you.
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We're also looking for Senior Cinematic Designer - a detailed description is available here.

If you want to apply or have any questions, shoot me a PM :)
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