Might & Magic X: Children of the Void (Nonprofit RPG)

Hey there. I'd like to share a game development project with you, and give those who are interested the opportunity to join the development team. The project is called Might and Magic X: Children of the Void (M&MX), and it is an RPG, entirely nonprofit, and will be designed for the Windows and Linux platforms on the Unity engine.

You may have heard of the Might and Magic series before, and it's part of the world famous franchise currently owned by Ubisoft. Over 5 years have passed since Ubisoft acquired the M&M franchise, and they have released many games, but there has not once been a mention of continuing the RPG from where it left off unpleasantly with Might and Magic IX (The Writ of Fate). Thus, several hardcore M&M fans have banded together to make our own project, M&MX, which will be a tribute and successor to the entire series. We have several contacts who formerly worked on M&M at New World Computing who we may work with for consulting, whether it be for M&M lore or general game design.

We have ultimately decided to abandon a 90s engine called Horizon (which used hex editing, by the way) that we were previously using for the more modern graphics of Unity3D. Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of our assets had to be discarded (excluding items, player character portraits, and paper dolls.)

Along with our change to Unity, we will require the assistance of talented 3D modelers who are willing to work with us in designing NPCs, monsters, levels, and landscapes. The scope of our project is very vast and will probably include close to one hundred levels, and hundreds of monsters and NPCs, so we need all of the help we can get.

Available Positions:
  • Lead Level Designer (manages and participates in the level design process)
  • Director (creates videos for 3D animated cut-scenes)
  • 3D Level Designer (builds levels, including landmass, constructs static objects)
  • 3D Modeler (constructs static objects, monster models, NPC models)
I promise a fun and creative experience working on the M&MX team, and you will be able to participate in designing a wide variety of different models/levels, which you are more than welcome to show off in your portfolio!

Please contact me at MMXAlamar@gmail.com if you're interested. You can also visit the M&MX project on Facebook. I will be happy to answer any questions as well, and comments are much appreciated!

Here is a mock up of what our UI (User Interface) is going to look like. It shows how skilled I am in Microsoft Paint too. :poly142:


Also, here's a map of the Lands of Iranese, which we've acquired from one of the developers of Heroes of Might and Magic IV. The map has never before been released, and will be the setting of M&MX!


Thank you for checking out this thread!

-Alamar, Producer of M&MX
-Vector, Executive Producer of M&MX


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