[FIGHTER] Street Fighter, SAKURA, OmenD4

I've tried as hard as I could not to enter but I just can’t do it. It's my first post over here on Polycount, hopefully not my last.

I've decided to do Sakura from Street Fighter.


My take on it will be an older version of her in the same universe. Here is my initial sketch. Sakura is now one of the most deadly fighters in the world. Even though Ryu has long since passed on she still wears part of his outfit as a tribute to her mentor and idol. One of her eyes is badly scarred and she uses her tell tale bandana as a patch.


Here are a couple of outfit variation thumbs. a) Is the same as the sketch above. Maybe she has defeated Akuma as well and wears his beads as a trophy. I'm not sure which one to plump for yet. Any thoughts?



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