[Paid] Looking for a character animator

Hi, I'm Zoltan Erdokovy, a technical artist looking for a character animator
for an Unreal based project.

The task is producing several takes (animation clips) in Motionbuilder 2011.

The animations are basic building blocks (poses, walk cycles, etc) which
will be mixed realtime (Unreal Development Kit).

There are ~160 takes for every weapon (about half of them are just poses).
At this point 4 weapons are planned.

I'll provide two example scenes which we use for testing and while they have
artistic issues (sliding feet, unnatural poses, etc) they do show what particular
takes should represent. Functional weapon meshes and proper test character
will be available as well.

Please contact me if you're interested.

Zoltan Erdokovy

EDIT: The position is filled, thank you guys.
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