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Hey guys,

Don't really want to clog up the lowpoly thread with my WIPs, so thought I'd make my own thread for some feedback.

I'm working on a low poly handheld environment for the DS for a university assignment. The theme is 'superheroes' so I'm doing a villain's volcano rocket base lair! It's sort of inspired by the SPECTRE base in some of the Bond films.

This is the piece as of yesterday.


I was happy with the style, but it wasn't particularly optimized for DS spec, so I've decided to re-do the entire scene from scratch, paying close attention to texture sizes and using more vertex colouring to texture this scene.

I'm aiming for around 1,000 tris for the entire scene, and I'm taking on a few people's feedback from the lowpoly thread in that I should be aiming for 16/32* tileable maps and using floating geo for trims.

Here's an update on the floor texture, currently using a mirrored, 8x8 metal trim texture, and a tileable, 8x8 metal floor texture.


I don't know whether it's worth mirroring, by making the trim texture 16x16 I'm not particularly adding a lot of texture memory. What do you guys think?


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