Maya 2010 'wrap' deformer secret mojo??

Howdy guys.

Trying to wrap-deform a grid mesh object (currently a fully enclosed 'flat' has geometric depth, not just a plane/grid) onto the top of a
microphone shape. Eet is fail thusfar.

Is there some magic mojo settings (or arrangement of the objects) that I am
missing here?

Here's where I'm at:


Nothing wraps once I've applied. I've tried selecting in both orders
(first grid object, then mic tip...then vice-versa) and have moved both
objects in 'Y-trans' to see if they would deform. No joy. Also moved around
the hidden object that gets created upon 'apply'.

Any clues for me? (checked help files...followed steps, etc.)



  • IronHawk

    Works more like this. It wont take an existing mesh and shrink wrap around the other object. Try taking what you have make the sphere larger then grab the top half verts and pull them up through your pattern to get an idea of how it works.
  • wailingmonkey
    thanks, IronHawk!...will give 'er a go.
  • CheeseOnToast
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    CheeseOnToast polycounter lvl 11
    A sculpt deformer is closer to what you're after. It'll be very tricky to get a clean result though, unless someone else has a trick for it.
  • kodde
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    kodde polycounter lvl 11
    You could combine that Wrap you are attempting with some cloth simulation to achieve this?

    EDIT: Also, wrapping in the sense you are after would not work in that case without distorting the geometry a lot or ending up with strange folds.
  • kodde
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    kodde polycounter lvl 11
    So I wanted to try out my suggestion for myself. Thought I'd share it with you. Always fun to play with cloth. :)

    The part at the end is just to show that you can get very different results with the cloth presets or by manually tweaking all those cloth parameters. For instance making the shape very stretch and compress resistant or not depening on how you want it to deform to your target shape. This is solely based on gravity. There might be some other nCloth features that could be used instead of relying on gravity.

  • wailingmonkey
    fairly close to what I'm after:


    I ended up just wrapping to a nurbs plane and then bulling the cv's
    into shape with a combination of scaling/translating. Got a little
    warped, but in reality, the 'mesh' on a real mic is generally warped
    too...only I think they use interwoven strands instead of a circular
    hole-punch typa thing.

    now to see how she bakes. :)

    Thanks for sharing that, kodde! Looks handy for a variety of things.
    (and kinda 1-ups the Zbrush 'Match Maker' brush to some degree) :)
  • throttlekitty
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    throttlekitty polycounter lvl 7
    Looks good :)

    Mop has a pretty badass script for this sort of thing. Kind of a tricky shape to get a good UV without a lot of stretching in this case.

    That's also a nice solution, Kodde.
  • wailingmonkey
    thx, throttlekitty, will have to try that out. :)

    just quickly checked the maps (in 3dcoat) from the xnormal bake to the diffuse paint yet, just normal and AO:


    attack of the killer phallic-check (1-2, check,check)! :poly122:
  • Illusions
    To add to this, from what I've seen the Wrap deformer is usually used when you want the effects of a blendshape but on only part of an object, without having to worry about painting deformer weights. For instance if you had a full body human, and just wanted blendshapes for the face, you could duplicate extract the face, then duplicate the extracted mesh for however many facial expressions you want, set those up as blendshapes for the original extracted mesh, then have the original extracted mesh act as a wrap deformer on the whole body mesh.

    Text Illustration:

    Face Blendshape Meshes -> Blendshape Deformer -> Face Wrap Mesh -> Wrap Deformer -> Whole Body Mesh

    TL;DR: The Wrap Deformer's name is deceptive, and actually behaves and is used differently than how it sounds.
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