Looking for Experienced 3D Artist - Troy ,NY

Experienced 3D Artist Position

1st Playable Productions, developer of innovative handheld games, including Club Penguin DS and Puzzle Quest DS, is seeking a passionate, motivated, and experienced 3D Artist.

Position Description:
We are looking for an experienced, full-time 3D artist to be responsible for modeling high-quality 3D assets for handheld games on the Nintendo 3DS, DS, iPhone/iPad, and other platforms like the Wii and Xbox 360. Most work will involve creating characters, environments, and objects for use as both real-time 3D and pre-rendered assets. A strong sense of volume, lighting, and materials is required. Other related responsibilities include conceptualizing and mocking up 3D characters and backgrounds.

  • A fine arts or equivalent degree. Self-taught artists and students working towards their degree may also apply for part time, co-op, summer, or internship positions.
  • Experience working as a 3D Modeler in games.
  • Proven skills in 3D modeling, efficient UV map layout, texturing, and lighting and shaders.
  • Extensive experience with 3DSMax and/or Maya and Photoshop.
  • Ability to work on a team and show self-initiative and resourcefulness.
  • A willingness to learn new tools, techniques, and art styles; and to iterate based on feedback.
  • Technical skills for optimizing assets.
  • Ability to write creative and technical documents.
  • Enthusiasm for making great games for children!

  • 3D animation experience.
  • Familiarity with team leadership skills to facilitate communication with dedicated artists.

Company Description:
1st Playable Productions, LLC is an independent game development studio based in Upstate NY, with a focus on handheld games for kids and other underserved audiences. Our mission is to inspire kids, gamers, and game developers with fun games for entertainment and learning, which runs the gamut from retail licenses, to new IP, to research games exploring new applications for this media. We love finding ways to get more out of limited game platforms, and are known for taking on tough technical challenges to create memorable and differentiated games. 1st Playable is also committed to positive social impact and community outreach, particularly in conjunction with educational organizations. We make a difference in our communities with the games we make and how we create them.

How to apply

To complete the first step of the application process, please go to the following link and complete the online application: 1stplayable.catsone.com/careers



  • D4V1DC
    Thanks for the opportunity in any event.
    Yea don't take my earlier post literally, its out of frustration.
  • spider2544
    they said "pursue candidates that better fit our needs" that means they want to go with someone else other than you. not necessarily that they have found someone else.
    even if they had found someone on the 29th, a million things could have come up that would make them need to find someone else 2 weeks later.
    the person they found could have gotten a better offer and left.
    they could have noticed they need even more people.

    there's really no purpose to show your rejection letter.
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