Retopology in ZBrush not working

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Y_M polycounter lvl 7
I've imported a less than optimal mesh from 3dsmax into zbrush to do a sculpt with the intention of doing some retopology to make a low poly version which I'd then unwrap and bake textures to. However when I added my zsphere to start editing the topology I found that after the first few points were laid down I couldn't add any more. The first few could be added normally then every left mouse click after that would rotate the camera slightly (slightly, not like a right mouse click) then deselect any selected vertexes.

I'm completely stumped on what to do, I did some successful topology editing just the other day, the only difference then was that my initial mesh was from some zspheres rather than an obj import.

Any ideas on what I've done to make the zspheres hate me?


  • felipefrango
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    felipefrango polycounter lvl 6
    Weird, really weird. Does this happen at the first time you start the topology on the mesh? I've had weird things happen when I load a saved retopo ztool, but it's just a matter or turning Rigging and/or Edit Topology off then on again.
  • oglu
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    oglu polycounter lvl 8
    i recommend to test 3dcoat for retopo... its much easier and comfortable...
  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz greentooth
    Are you unable to re-select the verts afterwords then? What if you switch to a seperate tool and then back?
  • Y_M
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    Y_M polycounter lvl 7
    Yeah I've loaded other tools then swapped back, I've even done some other successful topology edits to meshes started in zbrush since hitting this problem.

    I can still select all the verts I've got and very occasionally it will let me place a new one, but never connect any after the first few.

    Maybe it's just meshes imported from obj files, or something to do with how I exported it from max. Kind of a bummer really cause it's just this mesh that is being troublesome.
  • Mortague
    I tried to use zbrush for retopology but had always encountered problems. It became a greater headache than it was worth. I went with topogun and it has been great. Only takes a few minutest to learn and has been well worth the small pricetag. You may want to give that a shot.
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