TF2 - Polypack - antTON


here's the final promo!


Hi there.
Since Demo is my fav i'm gonna design a bunch of some new stuff for him and only him!


1) Lady MC Death, the primary weapon replacement, works the same way as the original weapon does, the only difference is that it deals 50% more damage to the airborne targets if you can hit them of course... and it also has only one projectile loaded, just like pyro's flaregun and may be the projectiles it shoots shouldn't bounce since they are really heavy, i donno...
2) Nessy Bombster, this thing is kinda sticky you cannot shoot. It needs to be placed with bare hands but it absolutely invisible to the enemy and detonates as soon as some naive foe crosses the targeting beam. Only one piece per customer!
3) The Scottish Thump, close combat weapon it is just a piece of lead pipe. Or may be it is a mug of good ale n this case it should be called Mom's Thankard.
4) And the HAT! This is a pilot leather helmet with protective goggle which has only one eyepiece. the second one isn't required. The Cyclop's Hatt is the name for it.

PS I'm not a modeler actually.... but who cares, right? ))))


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