Mirrored geometry+Normal map/Texture?

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Ok, so Im building a small robot, Ive modeled half of it and mirrored the other half, Im using the normals i captured from the original by keeping my the uvs of the mirrored geometry the same. I have pulled some of the mirrored pieces uvs into their own unique space on the map and used photoshop to copy over the normals from the original. Now the problem i have is that i will be adding txt for the mirrored unique pieces and as a result ill have to type the words backwards...no big deal, but i'd rather be able to have it not reversed. So i flipped just the uvs i needed to do the txt on.. anyways, the texturing problem is fixed, but the normal maps look strange. do i need to reverse a channel on the normals? I tried flipping the red because i mirrored the pieces on the x axis..and it looks like crap. Any ideas? Do i need to post some picts to help explain?


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