Where does maya save the crash file in windows 7?

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malcolm card carrying polycounter
I just realized they removed the documents and settings folder from win 7, where does the back up file get saved when maya crashes?


  • throttlekitty
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    throttlekitty dedicated polycounter
    That's all been moved to C:\Users\[username]\ I forget offhand the exact location, sorry, haven't had a crash yet.
  • bugo
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    bugo dedicated polycounter
    yeah, user\local settings\temp, find the latest .ma file, and you will be fine. If it's not there u lost ur work, sorry..
  • Sinking
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    I am using Maya 2014 Educational Version, which crashed when I accidentially hit
    "save" two times. I haven't been able to locate a single backup, even though Maya pretends to write a file to disk when crashing.

    I checked all available info - as usually Autodesk has no official info on it, so you have to google your way around. And there is nothing ever in any of my documents folder, which made me think it has to be somewhere else. Anyone have experience with 2014 and where on earth it saves its' backups (PC version)? I'd really appreciate the help.

    It stopped being funny after Maya first made my file "read only" and actually erased the scene file from my disk when I closed it. That is just a kind of bug that cannot happen.
  • FileCollector
    Though it happened to me in a different way. My file got crashed when it was hanged while going through Shatter Effect.

    Location would be C:\Users\hp(User name)\AppData\Local\Temp

    Hope its work for you to locate the file............:-)
  • Mumar
    For the educational version of maya 2014 your crashed files can be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp. The name of the file should be your username followed by a string of numbers.
  • JohnnyRaptor
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    The string of numbers is the date and time of crash

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