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Hi guys, in previous versions of Maya if you held down "w" and LMB, you'd get a marking menu with various move options. In 2009 the "normal" option has been replaced by "normal average" which sucks if you're used to the old system.

Now you have to go to "axis" and then "normal". The marking menu editor has no option for changing individual tool MMenus, I wondered if anyone had any ideas or has come across a way to do this.

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  • cptincognito
    Well, there's another way to fix it. A lot of Maya's internal commands and menu's are in there as .mel files- for that marking menu specifically it's in
    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya\Scripts\other

    if you're on osx, you need to ctrl-click the application and choose 'show package contents' to get to the goods.

    So what you're looking for is a file called translateMarkingMenuImpl.mel

    there's a section of text near the top:
    -label (uiRes("m_translateMarkingMenuImpl.kNormalAverage"))
    -command "manipMoveContext -edit -mode 9 Move"
    -checkBox ( == 9 ? 1 : 0)
    -radialPosition "NE"
    -annotation (uiRes("m_translateMarkingMenuImpl.kSetMoveToNormalAverageModeAnnot"))
    you'll want to change it to your desired behavior- looking at the equivalent from maya 2008, this appears to be:
    -label (uiRes("m_buildTranslateMM.kNormal"))
    -command "manipMoveContext -edit -mode 3 Move"
    -checkBox ( == 3 ? 1 : 0)
    -radialPosition "NE"
    -annotation (uiRes("m_buildTranslateMM.kSetMoveToNormalModeAnnot"))
    Try this at your own peril, I'm too tired to test it myself right now, but unless they've changed the manipMoveContext command it should work. Again, edit maya's internal mel files at your own risk, and always make a backup.

    edit: thought about it some more, might make sense to make a new file in your user scripts folder based on that script and rebind the hotkey to it. That's a safer/more portable way to do things.
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    Polyjunky polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks, cptincognito. I'll give it a go when I get home!! I'll back up the mel file first!:thumbup:
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