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Can I see(<- notice!) the various ways people fix texture seams(or be directed somewhere)? I'm looking for realistic/real-world examples, and want to find the best methods.

Methods I know of, in general:
1. 3D painting[mudbox/modo](clone tool or painting over with a similar image)

2. "double-UV" trick[render-to-texture](works but seems like it will take forever to fix an entire model)

3. placing a chunk of texture halfway over both seam edges in PS, then masking the chunks out except for where the seams are(seems only to work for organic textures)

4. Photoshop cloning, saving, checking model over, re-cloning, repeat...(I'm guessing this is the fastest or second fastest method, but seems very tedious as far as I can tell)

I'm not sure how to use PS to do this easily, so that's what I'm missing the most. I'm also not concerned with tiling textures.

Thx! :)


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