Back with some ZBrush (need some crits)

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Hello again!

I'm back with a new model (finally) and I was hoping to get some crits on textures. This is a head concept built and textured entirely in ZBrush 3.1 for a class. The idea is that we start off with a really basic mesh and do all the concept work and sculpting in ZBrush (a method for which I'm not too particular, but oh well, it's the assignment-- I'm making the best of it). I started with a horse(ish) head and ended up with this freak of nature:


I know there are areas of the texture I need to work on (eyes and mouth, in particular) but do you guys have any suggestions for making it look cooler texture-wise? I'm also curious what you all think of the furled snout-- since it's not quite horse/not quite bull, I was kind of struggling with the anatomy of the snarl, especially with the lips being sewn together along the sides (studied a lot of lions and dog snarls for reference).

If I like the final product enough, I may go back and finish up with a body, but for now I need to get the head finished for the assignment. Once I'm done texturing I'm going to retopologize and normal map it.

Any crits or comments are welcomed, as always.


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    Hey that's a lot of fun/scary!

    My main suggestion is in your color palette. I dont think they're working together right now. So I've made a quick image for you to consider:

    Otherwise more variation in your skin texture might help your cause.
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    sweet-- that should come in handy, thanks.

    One question, though: how do you come up with such a color palette? I'd imagine you used a color picker in Photoshop or something and adjusted all the colors to within range? I've never actually made a palette for textures before.
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    Creepy as hell. Gums seem a bit to glossy. Maybe look at leather for skin reference?
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    Well, the heads are done and gone, so I figured I would post the final products:



    They are both sculpted from the same base-mesh, poly-painted in ZBrush 3.1.

    Honestly, I never had the chance to make the changes to the evil head that were suggested to me. I am grateful and wanted to make the changes, but I've had very little time and was already behind on the project when I started the thread.

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

    On a side note, do you think it wise to post these on my portfolio? They aren't normal mapped or anything, they aren't necessarily game models (at all, actually). I just figured they be good to show some range in modeling, and some hi-poly skills. Suggestions?
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