mp3 player - recommendations sought

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thomasp polycounter
i'm in the market for a decent, small mp3 player. i've never owned such a device - have been using a PSP for this but need something smaller, lighter that fit's into a shirt pocket or such. i googled around a bit for different models and opinions - are there forums covering those devices? couldn't find anything that looked insta-decent and certainly, and such, full with reviews from people who just got it the other day, are not really helpful to me.

what i am looking for is something that i can just plug into USB and directly transfer mp3 files for playback, no extra software, no drivers required, should run on windows, linux or mac without a fuss, really and just register as a removable drive.
and it would be ideal, if it could be charged through USB as well or at least use standard batteries and not come with some extra, bulky proprietary recharger.

radio, video-support, display-size et all are totally secondary to me, audio quality should be good tho.

any device you could think of that might fit my requirements? smile.gif


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