Another one of those "Work dumps"

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Instead of spamming the "What are you working on" thread I'll just start my own and post some of my work.

First thing on the menu: School assignment handed out by DICE.

Second: My Clich


  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro polycounter
    try giving a different material to the handle where it fires, give some pieces darker metal or lighter, to break the monotony smile.gif the texture is indeed amazing, and i think that the touch of the greens gave it another life , but tone it a tad down its too strong at the moment. the rust and scratches are awesome smile.gif

    maybe a muzzleflash and use some leftover space in your texture for the bullets ? it would add a nice touch imo !

    congrats !
  • XMave
    I noticed just a little thing on the guy. The grenades (and any other accesories on the belt) are way too small. He haveto pick them with fingers :-) and there is no way he can take anything out of his belt pocket (don't know the right english word). And there is also strange thing on his gun-hand - the nerly triangle which is sticking out - what is it? It will hurt him when he'll try to move tyhe hand ;-) also if it is meant to eject fired cartridges, then it will eject them right to his shoulder ... men that's gonna hurt .... Otherwise great job ... especially on the wepons
  • PixelGoat
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    PixelGoat polycounter lvl 10
    the triangle thing is where he puts the "way too small" grenades into the grenade launcher smile.gif the big central pipe on the gunarm is supposed to be a grenade launcher hehe. Guess I kinda failed on the design part on that one smile.gif
  • pliang
    The wear and worn looks convincing but I think function wise the gun could use some air holes and vents...I can imagine this gun overheating real easily....

    Some discoloration in addition to the wear would make it more subtle with the clarity you have there.
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    its not too clear from the design that those grenades are to be launched.. they just look weedy tongue.gif
    Imo you should either make them into those bullet-shaped grenade rounds, or fully fledged hand grenades
  • indian_boy
    lol "may start without warning".....
    love it.

    id suggest doing some more work on the grip [handle? watd i call it?] of the minigun. the part wit the trigger on it.
    and the end of that cylindrical thing... on the complete left of the image... it seems untextured.. a flat grey?
    just behind the pipe...

    well yea. awesome stuff man.
    hope my 'crits' help
  • PixelGoat
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    PixelGoat polycounter lvl 10
    Tried to mix up the metals some as suggested. also fiddled a bit with the specular.
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