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i guess i'm pretty late at this but we'll see who wins - my will to do some art in the sparetime, even if it's under time pressure - or the pile of playstation games that i recently aquired and that is looming from across the living room. here's one for the art side. first to say - i haven't looked around much in this forum so i just hope to not step on anyone's toes, concept-wise. which admittedly is rather rough - i'm a 3d guy, not someone who get's his hands dirty with pens and stuff and like to flesh out things in 3d instead.

so what i have in mind is a guy with lot's of contrast - dark outfit, shiny weapon, lot's of rather bland clothing, fine detail on his armor (leaning towards roman empire stuff for these parts).
and as a character, he's not a robot or anything, rather some kind of organic creature that has taken over control of a humanoid's body. he is more of a plant than what we might perceive as a creature and is growing all over the body of his host. hiding behind a one-eyed mask and an outfit with a coat of some yet-to-be-decided material his speciality is to strike from far away. kind of a sniper, prefering a huge caliber that hits like a bomb - but he hides quite a knife in his gun for those closer combat encounters, too. not that many would know and survived to be able to tell about it.

next up is 3d pass, i will make up lot's of detail during that one, especially on the back and in an effort to make the coat assymmetrical.
also, the clothing needs some ornaments, i really like baroque-esque stuff, will have to play around a bit without making it look too much like plain fantasy-stuff. i keep the organic parts on the backburner for now, that will require some reference-studying for sure.


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