displaying other people's work in your portfolio?

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thomasp polycounter
just wondering how you people feel about displaying your co-worker's art within your portfolios? i've seen it done alot on portfolio pages from movie industry people - sometimes even without credits - but rarely on the game side.

what i want to do is show potential customers how well i am able to transfer someone else's concept sketch into 3D - of course while giving proper credits.
that requires to have the concept sketch either as a separate image or at least as part of the character screenshot/render in the background.

big no-no or no big deal at all?


  • IceWolve
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    IceWolve polycounter lvl 12
    I think it depends on the person who it belongs to. Some people don't care as long as they are given proper credit. You might want to ask the person first just to make sure.
  • milla
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    milla polygon
    I think it pays to give proper credit, and even link if they have their own site. It just seems only fair since you are possibly going to benefit from use of their work. I have skinned more meshes that aren't mine than that are, and I have ownership clearly marked in my portfolio. Aside from gratitude to the artist who's work I'm using it also means the potential employer is clear on just which skills displayed are mine, and which are not.
  • jzero
    You should always ask the artist, if you're basing your 3D work on their concept art. They might have something going that you don't know about.

    If it's publicly released work, like you're doing a new skin for a published game model, or if an artist has released an SDK, then you don't have to ask, you just have to give credit. You ALWAYS give credit, or else you're a rotten stinkin' dirty thief. Or might as well be.

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