help! changed baking options and material preview?

help! The preview material option doesn't seem to work in 3.04 for me, at least not like it did before. Albedo bake doesn't show up at all. Normals also look off in the preview window, though correct in the bake (they kind of look how they do in maya when set to SRGB instead of raw, it has a weird sheen that makes me nauseous). AO bake also doesn't show up at all unless it's checked to be seen solo on the left window. Did I miss something on how these features work?  I thought I could bake, click (P) preview and have it apply, or click the low poly and then click the material and right click apply?  Is there something else?


  • EarthQuake
    In 304 we changed how the material preview function works a bit. The main difference is that when you click the preview material button, it will apply the maps directly to the material that is applied to your mesh, rather than create a new material and apply it to your mesh like it did in 303. This change was necessary for supporting multiple texture sets.

    Now, as to your other issues, I am not sure what could be the cause of them. Could you post some images that show the problems? An image showing your material setup after you click preview would be good too.
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