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Darkzan polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone, It's been a while that i didn't posted something here. Still not finished my old work...I started a new project a couple weeks ago. I want to make a stylized  3d version of Logan based on Dannis Duan 's work : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3X14E
The clothes were made with marvelous designer and i tried to stylize it using a lot of the flatten brush and the damstandard one.
I still have to work on the jacket and need to add the scars on the face, but for the rest, i think it's done for the HighPoly.
I spent too much time on it so now i can't tell what wrong with it...
It would be great to have some advises or critiques so i can improve it and start the low poly version.


  • AgelosAp
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    AgelosAp greentooth
    @Darkzan Nice work, I think there is good potential here if you make this a little more consistent.
    I like some of the sharp fold work you did but then you have very smooth endings on his clothes(outlined the sleeve).
    Recheck references for his shirt and make the folds horizontal, also fill out his chest area.
    Give some form to his knee since you are going ot make a low poly and pose him, imagine that if he 's going to be a game model when he bends his knee, it needs to have some form and not be sculpted like if he was standing completely upright.
    That goes towards his whole posture(it needs to be more relaxed), rotate the feet outwards, bend his knees, relax the finger rotations(as on paintover)

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